1 08 2007

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Out Odds, pre-Turn: # Outs * 4
Out Odds, pre-River: # Outs * 2 + 2

Outs für Standardsituationen

Hold Hope to make Outs Turn or River River
Pair Trips 2 11:1 22:1
2 Pair Full House 4 5:1 10,5:1
Inside Straight Straight 4 5:1 10,5:1
Open-ended Straight Straight 8 2,2:1 4,75:1
Four Flush Flush 9 1,9:1 4,1:1
Open Straight Flush Straight, Flush, or Straight Flush 15 0,9:1 2,1:1

Die Chancen für die Outs nur auf dem Turn sind minimal schlechter als für auf dem River. Die Tabelle basiert auf Kombination der Daten von Calculating Pot Odds in Texas Holdem und Drawing Odds – Texas Holdem und zur Vereinfachung gerundet.


„EV stands for „Expected Value“ and is the average amount of big bets a starting hand is expected to win. In other words, EV is a number calculated and assigned to each starting hand based on the amount of money that hand will win at showdown. The numbers are calculated based on a sample of over 1 million hands played by average players. Starting hands with higher EV are stronger, and hands with low or negative EV are weaker.“ Look here: FREE Sit ’n Go Poker Training

Pocket cards value:


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