That’s Poker by Doyle Brunson

9 03 2008

In einem Werbespot für FTP sagt Doyle Brunson sehr schön:

There is an old saying: ‚The only thing you need to play this game is a chip and a chair.‘ But to sit down and win against the best, you need a whole lot more: Poker actually isn’t about winning or loosing; Poker is about making the right decision. You got to know, when to call, when to fold, when to push all-in.

When you lock just the door, you got to come in through the window. That’s when the skill comes in. You got to have the courage to bluff, courage that necessarily means the absence of fear. But you got to swallow that pride, you got to throw your hand away, when you know, that you are beaten. When you really are on your game, you can look your opponent in the eye, and you know, if you got him, and you know, if he has got you.

It doesn’t matter, how good you are: everything can change, when those cards are in the air. You don’t stop playing because we get old, you get old, because we stop playing.

That’s Poker, folks!

(vorbehaltlich meiner Transkriptionsfehler, der Texas-Nuschel-Slang ist echt fies für Perfektionisten)




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